‘Ayah’, ‘Dad’, ‘Papa’, ‘A Pa’, ‘Baba’, ‘Abi’… Whatever you call him, our fathers will always our first hero. They may not be the most affectionate, focusing a lot of their time to provide the best for the family. However, you know deep down in their quiet, stoic manner, all they want is to give what’s best for the family.

As Father’s Day is fast approaching, the one question that will be on everyone’s mind – what gift do you give him? He received a pen last birthday and a tie and a shirt last year…shoes? What else do you get him?

And although you may hear - “I have got everything, save your money”, it will make them very happy to receive a thoughtful gift from their children, no matter the occasion. He may not expect any gift from you, but knowing you put in time and thought to get them something will definitely mean a lot to him.


Being one of Malaysia’s preferred jeweller for more than 60 years, we offer a wide range of exciting line designed especially for men.

Pick from rings made of gold, silver palladium and buttons also known as “butang baju melayu” with an assortment of gemstones and diamonds. Or select from our stylish silver bangles and leather bracelets from Stephen Webster that’s exclusively available at HABIB. Gold bars in multiple grammage options are also becoming a popular choice.

Most of the men’s rings offered by HABIB are made of silver palladium which are non-gold metal, suitable for Muslim men. For those who prefer platinum, HABIB also provide customization of jewellery in platinum. They come in variety of designs, from simple bands and solitaire studs to designs that are more contemporary, encrusted with diamonds and gemstones.


Gemstones are becoming a popular choice in HABIB men’s ring collection, and they come in a range of not just precious stones like diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires but also many other gemstones in an array of colors like yellow citrine, blue topaz, black agate, aquamarine and many more in different shapes and colors. They make the perfect gift, especially if you’re looking to suit the birthstone of the recipient.

Apart from rings, HABIB is the ‘go to’ jeweller for buttons, also known as the “butang baju melayu” made for malay men’s traditional outfit, which comes in a set of 5 pieces. The buttons come in multiple designs, shapes and gemstones, set in silver palladium.

For those looking for something simple, solitaire diamond or gemstone studs emphasize the sparkle of the diamonds and colour stones.

If your dad is into more rugged, casual styles, the Stephen Webster range of rings and bracelets would be the perfect choice. Not only do they come in silver palladium, you also have a selection of leather straps.

And if your dad is not one to wear jewellery, fret not! Investments in the form of gold bars would be the way to go. For budget options, the gold bar collection ranges from a 1gm, 5gm, 10gm, 50gm, 100gm and 1kg. And for collectors, we have gold bars, gold notes and gold wafers in limited edition designs available.

Every year, HABIB tops the list as the go-to jeweller for many Malaysians. With the current new norm, in ensuring customers still have the convenience in shopping for special events and gifts for their loved ones, HABIB’s online shopping platforms are ready to serve its customers with a seamless customer journey experience on HABIB’s official website, Shopee, Lazada and Zalora.

For further information, please visit our website at www.habibjewels.com or follow us on Instagram @habibjewelsofficial and Facebook @HABIB.




HABIB’s Baju Melayu buttons set in silver palladium and embedded with Blue sapphires and surrounded with diamonds.


HABIB men’s rings collection with silver palladium band embellished with diamonds and blue sapphire gemstones.

Gun metal finished sterling silver engraved with the cuban leaf design, the England Made Me Cuban Leaf Ring is set with a central Red Garnet (0.88ct) and Black Sapphire pavé (0.20ct).

A stylish leather plaits bracelets sterling silver clasps.

For the full range of Father's Day Gifts collection, reach out to your personal jewelry consultant at HABIB. Click here to contact us.