Corporate Gifts and Awards - Specially Crafted by HABIB


“Rewarding excellence is essential for promoting innovation and encouraging growth”

Dato Sri Meer Habib,  Executive Chairman of HABIB Group



The True Measure of Appreciation 

How do you best show your appreciation to someone you truly value? Say thank you with a gift of great value. At HABIB, we offer complete and professional service of setting up a corporate recognition program. From designing customised gift items, to the creation and management of sophisticated on-going programmes tailor-made to unique requirements, our expertise and experience can help you pioneer your own corporate recognition programme. Let us work with you to leave a lasting impression.





Customised Awards

We design and create your customised awards for corporate events, prestigious sponsorship events and anniversaries. The items may showcase our company logo, vision or any element of your corporate identity.





Promotional Gifts for Marketing Campaigns

Prizes of gold, jewellery and even vouchers for precious items add instant excitement and desirability to your marketing campaigns.



Custom-designed Jewelleries

Our goal is to work closely with you to create pieces of bespoke jewellery that are tailored to suit your specific needs.





HABIB Gift Vouchers

Create your own special in-house promotions with vouchers that are fully redeemable from HABIB. This is especially popular with employees as it offers them control over their choice of reward.



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